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Herndon Capital Management News

This area is dedicated to news and noteworthy moments in the history of Herndon Capital Management. 

HCM Winds Down Operations

HCM Winds Down Operations

HCM Appoints President

Herndon Capital Management, LLC (“HCM”) is pleased to announce the appointment of Douglas (“Doug”) J. Vander Linde as President effective March 1, 2017. He will replace interim President, Geoffrey Nnadi, President and CEO of Atlanta Financial Group. The Executive Leadership is now comprised of Randell Cain, Jr., Kenneth Holley and Douglas Vander Linde.

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Are Country Effects Making a Comeback in International Investing?

As global economies continue to decouple, policymakers are left with primarily two options to stimulate growth - fiscal and monetary policies.

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2015 Energy Outlook

The key concern in the Energy sector is regarding the potential of a pullback in North American energy investment. Although general concerns are shared...

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The Merits of the Middle: The Case for U.S. Mid Cap Equities

Do a search on Google for the term “middle” and the popular search engine spits out 689,000,000 results in 0.54 seconds...

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Is it Time to Reconsider U.S. Banks?

Banks are critical to the world economy as they serve as intermediaries between depositors and borrowers. They are also essential to the global payments network because they provide capital required for governments, corporations and individuals to support trade, economic growth and standards of living. Due to their importance to the global economy, the safety and soundness of these institutions have received much attention from both regulators and the public after the last financial crisis. As a result, banks have been heavily impacted by increased regulations and a higher degree of oversight designed to reduce credit, market, liquidity and solvency risk exposure for not just individual banks but also for risks to the global economy.

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Beyond The Noise, Herndon Capital Management Third Quarter Newsletter

While the Federal Open Market Committee’s (“FOMC”) decision to delay the tapering of quantitative easing has assuaged the market’s fears of rising interest rates, investors were distracted for several weeks by the debacle in Washington regarding the government shut-down, the debt ceiling debate and fears of a U.S. default.

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4 Stocks To Take Advantage Of An Improving Economy


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The Wall Street Transcript Investing Strategies Report

Randell A. Cain Jr. discusses Herndon Capital Management’s investing approach.

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Herndon Capital Management is relocating to the 191 Peachtree Tower effective December 3, 2012

Effective December 3, 2012, our new address will be:

Herndon Capital Management

191 Peachtree Street, NE

Suite #2500

Atlanta, GA 30303