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Large Cap Core Equity

Large Cap Core Equity

Experience has shown us that the most consistent method for producing better risk-adjusted returns than the peer group over time involves the use of a highly disciplined, risk-managed approach. And while either the growth or value strategy may dominate for certain periods, portfolios constructed with complementary elements of both strategies will produce more dependable benchmark-beating results.

  • Our core product is designed to give the client exposure to public large capitalization companies in the US which represent an attractive mix of quality and valuation.
  • The goal of the Portfolio is to outperform a large capitalization core benchmark such as the Russell 1000 or S&P 500 over a market cycle.
  • Our investment process focuses on bottom-up stock selection, but also benefits from macroeconomic analysis.
  • Outperformance will be accomplished by identifying the most attractive stocks in each sector and then optimally constructing a portfolio which contains them.

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Large Cap Core