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Mid Cap Value Equity

Mid Cap Value Equity

“To everything there is a season...” (Ecclesiastes 3:1). True value is defined by companies that trade at a discount to what their fundamentals merit. Identifying sound companies out of favor with investors due to temporary conditions has historically proven to be a successful strategy as their true value is ultimately recognized in the marketplace. We call these companies value-creating opportunities.

Our process identifies stocks based upon relative value versus the other stocks in our Russell Mid Cap Index. We combine fundamental analysis in a valuation-oriented framework with risk assessment. We do not want to own stocks merely because they appear "cheap."  We screen our value candidates for performance-based characteristics to avoid "value traps."  The stocks we own tend to have low valuation metrics, but they also have sound fundamental characteristics, hopefully leading to outperformance as their value is recognized in the market.

Performance, Supplemental Information and Disclosures

Our Systematic Process

Mid Cap Value Funnel