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  1. Domestic Strategies

Small Cap Value Equity

Small Cap Value Equity

Our value philosophy preaches that true value is defined by companies that trade at a discount to what their fundamentals merit. Identifying sound companies which happen to be out of favor with investors due to temporary conditions has historically proven to be a very successful strategy as their true value is ultimately recognized in the marketplace. Our investment process wraps our strategy around these prospective holdings in a way that enhances the upside case of our holdings approaching intrinsic value while also maintaining a keen awareness to risk management.

  • This product is designed to give our clients exposure to companies which are undervalued versus their peers but have demonstrated the ability to produce better than market returns. 
  • The goal of the product is to outperform the Russell 2000 Value Index over a market cycle. 
  • Quality and liquidity are highly emphasized. 
  • A rigorous risk management process is applied during construction of the portfolio. 
  • The portfolio seeks to be fully invested at all times.

Supplemental Information

Small Cap Value Fact Sheet 

Our Systematic Process

Strategy Icon: stock selection

Stock Selection

  • Step 1: Identify Value Creating Opportunities
  • Step 2: Qualify for Potential Inclusion
  • Step 3: Fundamental Scoring System
  • Step 4: Fundamental Analysis
  • Step 5: Initiate Position

Strategy Icon: sector allocation

Sector Allocation

  • Step 1: Compare Propensity of VCOs in Russell 2000 Index to each sector in Russell 2000 Index
  • Step 2: Calculate Target Sector Weights based on Russell 2000 Value utilizing information from Step 1
  • Step 3: Adjust Portfolio

Strategy Icon: risk management

Risk Management

  • Sector diversification rules
  • Security diversification rules
  • Seek to be fully invested
  • Approximately 40 - 70 securities
  • Top 10 positions are earned not purchased

Strategy Icon: sell discipline

Sell Discipline

  • Monthly Sector Adjustments
  • Profit Taking
  • Fundamental Assessment
  • Conviction Check